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Week 15 Story: The King and His Queen/ Daughter

 Once upon a time, a King lived with his beautiful queen. Not only was she the most beautiful woman in all of the land, but she had the prettiest long, golden hair. Sadly, the queen was ill and was about to die. Before she died she begged her husband, "if you marry again, don't marry anybody as beautiful as me, and nobody with beautiful golden hair like mine." The King promised her this, right before she died. The King was devastated by the loss of the queen, and could not even think about remarrying. But, his councillors told him he would have to marry again so they could have a queen. They told him that he would have to start looking, because it wasn't right without a queen on the throne. He sent his servants all over the world to try to find a woman that was even half as beautiful as his late wife. But sadly, nobody could find a woman like her. Even the prettiest ones they could find did not have the long, golden hair like the queen. All of the servants came home o
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Reading B: Hans and the Hedgehog

 There was a man who had a bunch of money and land. But, he wasn't happy because he didn't have children. He went into the town and people mocked him because he didn't have kids. He got angry and said, "I will have a child, even if it be a hedgehog." His wife had a child that was part hedgehog and part boy and she blamed her husband for bringing them bad luck. They named him Hans the Hedgehog.  He went to get christened but couldn't go into a normal bed because of his spikes. So, they put him on top of straw on the stove. They could not do anything with him without getting pricked, so he just laid there for 8 years. He father was tired of him and wished he would die, but he did not.  There was a fair in town and the peasant's wife asked him to bring her meat and white rolls. The servant asked for a pair of slippers and some stockings with clocks. The hedgehog asked for bagpipes. He went to the store, and came back with all of the things everybody requested

Reading A: Allerleirauh

 Once upon a time a King has a wife with beautiful golden hair. There was nobody in the world with hair like hers. When she was about to die, she told the king, "if you marry again, don't marry anybody as beautiful as me, and nobody with beautiful golden hair like mine." The King promised her this, right before she died. The King couldn't even think about marrying somebody else for a long time because he was so sad. But, his councillors told him he would have to marry again so they could have a queen. So, messengers were sent out to look everywhere for a queen. But, nobody could find one that was as beautiful as the first queen. Even the pretty ones they found did not have beautiful golden hair.  The King had a daughter that was just as beautiful, with the same hair as her mom. When she grew up, the King realized she looked exactly like the queen and was suddenly violently in love with her. He told his councillors he would marry his daughter. They were shocked and sai

Week 14: Story: The Fisherman and his Greedy Wife

 A fisherman and his wife lived in a small house by the sea. The house was quaint, but the two were happy. The husband went out every day to the sea to fish, while the wife stayed home. One day, the fisherman was patiently waiting for a bite. He waited and waited, until he finally felt a tug. He hooked a flounder! But, when he reeled it in, the fish begged the fisherman to let him go. The fish claimed to be a prince, stuck in a fish's body. He told the fisherman he wouldn't taste good, and that it would be a waste. The fisherman didn't even argue with the fish, and let him back into the water without hesitation. The flounder floated back down to the bottom of the ocean, leaving a trail of blood behind. The fisherman went home to his wife empty handed.  He told his wife the crazy story, and she was astonished that he didn't ask the magic fish to grant a wish for him. She told him he should have asked for a bigger house for them to live in. She told him to go back and mak

Reading B: The Six Swans (end)

 The King had a very mean mom who hated his wife. The mother did not think the queen was worthy. The queen had her first baby, and the mother marked the queen's mouth with blood and took the baby. She told the king that the queen was a cannibal. The king didn't believe it. The queen had another baby, and the mother did the same thing again. The king still didn't believe his mother. He said, "She is too tender and good to do any such thing, and if she were only not dumb and could justify herself, then her innocence would be as clear as day." The third child was born, and the mother did the same thing again. This time, the queen couldn't say anything in her defense. The king had no choice but to give her up to justice and sentenced her to death by fire.  On the day she was sentenced to die, it was the last day of the 6 years she had not spoken or laughed to free her brothers from the evil spell. She prepared everything to break the spell, and cried out for the s

Week 14 Reading: The Fisherman and his Wife

There was a fisherman who lives with his wife by the sea. He went out everyday to fish. One day, he was patiently waiting for a fish to bite the hook, and finally a flounder bit the hook. The flounder begged the fisherman to let him go. He told the fisherman that he wasn't a fish, but he was actually an enchanted prince. He told the fisherman that he wouldn't taste good, and would be useless, so he should put the fish back.  The fisherman didn't argue, and let the fish back into the water. The flounder went back into the water, and sank to the bottom leaving a trail of blood. The fisherman went home to his wife. His wife asked how his day of fishing had been, and he told her the story.  His wife asked if he wished for anything, and the husband said no. She said he should have wished for a bigger house, and that he should go back and make the wish. He returned to the water, but it was very murky and he couldn't see the flounder at the bottom. He stood at the sea, and beg

Week 13: Story: Alice and the Caterpillar

 The Caterpillar was smoking hookah, and was very chill. Alice sat at the table, looking at the blank stare of the Caterpillar. Finally, after a few minutes of silence, the Caterpillar asked Alice, "Who are YOU?" in a very demanding tone. Alice was taken aback by the question, and she realized she didn't quite know how to answer the question. She said she hardly knew who she was, and she had gone through so many things that day. She said "I knew who I was this morning, but I have changed so many times today, I don't even who I am now." The Caterpillar didn't like her answer at all. He asked the question again, but she still didn't know the answer.  The two went back and forth, with the Caterpillar demanding she explain who she was, followed by Alice trying to explain. She tried many different ways, but the Caterpillar did not like any of her answers. Alice was polite and timid, and the Caterpillar was rude and angry. Finally, Alice had an idea that s