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  1. Hi Haley!

    I really liked the meme you included for the home page of your portfolio. After reading Fluffy and his sticks, I thought the characters you included for the story was very creative. It brought the story to life in a different way through the three puppies and their mother. I liked how you made fluffy the runt, and how fluffy is easy going and not greedy at all. I think adding more to the story about the cat and how she made Fluffy take care of her for three days would make the story even better! I felt that it was a quick part of the story which could have more detail to it. I loved how the cat turned into a human that would take care of Fluffy forever! What happened to Fluffy's siblings and her mother? The picture that you added of the evil cat and fluffy was really cute.

  2. Hi Haley!

    I loved your meme of Dwight on the first page! It was funny and lighthearted! I also loved your story about Fluffy and his Sticks! I love how you creatively took a twist on the story: Beauty and the Basilisk. The evil cat being the enemy of the story was both hilarious and clever. I was laughing reading it because I have an evil cat of my own, so I could just picture what this cat was like haha! The image of the evil cat was perfect too! I would have loved to see more detail of the interaction between Fluffy and the cat along with some dialogue! Also, did Fluffy go back home to his mom and siblings and the human took care of them all? I would love to know some more details! Overall, great job!

  3. Hello, I really enjoyed how fun and light-hearted this story is. You really turned a kind of dark and twisted story into something more fun and cute. I also like the creativity of turning the main characters into animals instead of humans. One thing I might suggest is just adding more details so that the reader can really imagine the story and feel as if they are in it. Or maybe you could add some more emotion into the story to draw the readers in like maybe explain why the cat felt they he did or why fluffy was so eager to leave her family. I thought your author’s note was really good and summarizing the original story and explained how you really made this story into your own. Overall, I really enjoyed your story and your fun twist on the original.

  4. Hey, Haley!

    I know I'm echoing what everyone has already said, but I love the meme and humor you brought out on the introductory page of your page! It makes the scene a lot more lighthearted and welcoming for new readers and bloggers when they load into your page, especially for those who are into the show. You are making fans before they even read your stories! I also really enjoy the accessibility of your portfolio. It is easy to navigate and read. There are no awkward breaks between stories and images, but rather they are organized in a way a reader can view the images you have on your story while also reading your story. Have you considered adding some dialogue to your stories? I always feel like it includes the reader a lot more when dialogue is present, as it makes it feel as though the reader is present and has his or her own dialogue! When I started including it in my stories, it added variability and a new style to my new stories, so they all didn't seem the same. You could do that for your next story when you add it! Well done.


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